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(1) Silver = 3 consecutive nights - Gold & Diamond = 5 consecutive nights, from 29/04/20 to 04/05/20

(2) After purchasing your bracelet , you will receive a PROMO CODE by e-mail to get a 10% discount, and the link to book your stay on one of the partner hotels: EL POZO & FENIX HOTEL & VILLA LIVIA
This discount is valid on your stay from April 27 to May 06, 2020 included

(3) Drinks vouchers valid at APOLO sauna & in the 2 bars: QUERELL & EXXTREME , only during the special events organized in these places.

All wristbands are nominative.
Wristbands are not refundable or exchangeable.
Any change of name will entail a fee of 30€ / wristband.